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Why Aluminum?

The Aluminum Advantage

Industry leaders at Atlas allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of aluminum over stainless steel:

  • 10x the thermal conductivity and 21 x the thermal diffusivity for fast, complete bakeouts and unmatched thermal performance
  • 7 orders of magnitude less hydrogen for ultra pure vacuum
  • Less carbon for reduced contamination
  • Outgassing rates of less than 10 to the –13 Torr liter/sec cm2 suitable for Extreme High Vacuum (EHV)
  • Non magnetic for applications that require it
  • Low Z for less residual radiation
  • The option to be anodized for electrical or chemical resistance
  • Machinability up to 10x faster for lower manufacturing costs
  • 1/3rd the weight for superior manageability
  • Lower cost material for an improved bottom line Atlas Products are compatible with all standard stainless steel vacuum equipment.