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CF-Copper Vacuum Gasket:

CF flange & gaskets were originally invented by William Wheeler and other engineers at Varian in an attempt to build a flange that would not leak after baking. The design trapped a 0.08” thick C101 copper ring between metal relief details call knife-edges.

Copper Knife-Edge, Radio Frequency- Flare CF-RFF, developed by Brookhaven and CERN combine UHV vacuum CF seals and radio-frequency flare RFF seals.

The CF-RFF gasket is unique. Vacuum tubes can be connected together by CF knife-edge sealed flanges and Radio Frequency Flare gaskets. The internal radio-frequency can be connected using an RFF gasket.

Electron Particle Accelerators increase the kinetic energy of charged particles by subjecting the electrons to a radio frequency (RF) source that oscillates the electric potential along the inside surface of the beam-line or accelerator ring. The Atlas RF-CF gasket provides a vacuum knife-edge seal and an RF flare seal to bridge the gap between flanges conducting radio-frequency inside the tube.

Accelerators typically use resonant RF cavities formed from or coated with superconducting materials. Electromagnetic fields are excited in the cavity by coupling an RF source with an antenna. When the RF frequency fed by the antenna is the same as that of a cavity mode the resonant fields build to high amplitudes. Charged particles passing through apertures in the cavity are then accelerated by the electric fields and deflected by the magnetic fields. The resonant frequency driven in SRF cavities typically ranges from 200 MHz to 3 GHz, depending on the particle species to be accelerated.

By connecting multiple resonant cavities the CF-RFF gasket can be used to maintain radio signal through the complete cavity assembly.

Atlas offers CF-RFF gaskets for standard size DN Flanges (DN16-DN200):


DN16               1.33” MINI                    0.838                           0.640”

DN25               2.125”                          1.290”                          1.010”

DN40 or DN35  2.75”                            1.895”                          1.451”

DN50               3.375”                          2.425”                          2.010”

DN63               4.50”                            3.243”                          2.506”

DN75               4.625”                          3.598”                          3.010”

DN100             6.0”                              4.743”                          4.010”

DN125             6.75”                            5.567”                          5.010”

DN160..DN150 8.0”                              6.743”                          6.007”

DN200             10.0”                            8.743                           8.007”

DN250             12.0”                            10.73”                          10.00”


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