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Atlas Technologies is the world leader in titanium vacuum chamber engineering and manufacturing. With over 20 years experience in cutting-edge vacuum product design, we pride ourselves in providing the world's finest and most advanced UHV and XHV performance titanium chamber technology and components.

Atlas titanium vacuum chambers offer superb vacuum performance with very low hydrogen permeation rates and can even be utilized as vacuum pumps due to the gettering properties of this metal.

Titanium chambers can be taken into the 1×10-12 Torr range and beyond. Another major benefit of titanium over stainless steel is its low magnetic permeability.

Titanium is often chosen for XHV accelerator applications or for applications where performance is the primary concern.

Due to its cost and slow machining it is typically used only when extreme high vacuum is required or when the magnetic properties of titanium is a key advantage over stainless chambers.

Atlas titanium vacuum chamber production techniques, chamber configurations, or combinations thereof, employed by Atlas include:

Plate to Plate Chambers
Ideal for large titanium chamber applications

Cylindrical Chambers
Allows for minimum wall thickness because of the inherent strength offered by tubular geometry

Extruded Chambers
Ideal for producing long, narrow and convoluted internal chamber geometries

Spherical Chambers
Offers minimum internal surface area

Monoquoque Chambers
Allows for internal and/or external machining of intricate and precise chamber features

Atlas also manufactures a wide range of titanium vacuum components and accessory hardware to complement our titanium vacuum chamber products. Components include:

  • Bimetallic Titanium/Stainless CF Flanges
  • Wire-seal Flanges
  • Foil Window Flanges

Bimetal flanges offer a stainless steel sealing face on a titanium body. The stainless face matches the coefficient of thermal expansion of other stainless flanges while the titanium body is welded to the titanium chamber. For completely non-magnetic or stainless steel-free applications, Titanium Flanges or Bimetallic Aluminum/Titanium CF Flanges can be used.

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