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Aluminum Face-Seal ATCR Fitting, VCR Fitting

Atlas ATCR™ fittings are fully compatible with Swagelok VCR® and Parker-Hannifin VacuSeal® fittings, but unlike these other fittings Atlas ATCR™ fittings are used where high thermal conductivity, light weight, high chemical resistance is needed or where any of the advantageous physical properties of aluminum are required.

Atlas bimetallic ATCR™ fittings — the aluminum tube fitting with a stainless steel face-seal — make UHV aluminum vacuum systems a reality.

Atlas Bimetal CF Flanges

The Atlas CF™ Flange combines the time-tested reliability of the stainless steel ConFlat® (CF) knife edge with an aluminum flange body for all-metal sealing to an aluminum chamber and allows vacuum engineers and designers to fully utilize the exceptional high and ultra high vacuum properties of aluminum.

Wire-Seal Flanges

When size requirements for demountable flanges exceed that of standard Atlas CF™ flanges, larger Atlas Wire-Seal flanges allow the utilization of the many superior vacuum, physical, chemical and nuclear properties of UHV aluminum vacuum chambers. The back bevel on the knife edge improves the seal by making it more tolerant to thermal cycles, as well as enhancing its durability.

Bimetal Tube & Pipe Couplings

Our couplings have been used for over 25 years in Ultra High Vacuum (UHV), Ultra High Purity (UHP), and cryogenic environments in the scientific, medical, oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, and semiconductor industries. Atlas bimetallic transition couplings are robust, metallurgically bonded dissimilar metal joints, used to weld dissimilar metal tubes or pipes.

Custom Bimetal Assemblies

Atlas' Bimetallic Bonding Technology seamlessly combines metals so that the unique properties of a particular metal may be combined with those of another to enhance the overall performance. Think of our bonding technology as a way to make metal composites that are welded together rather than joined with a resin.

Quick Disconnect Bimetal Fittings

Atlas Quick-Disconnect Bimetal Fittings enable rapid tube joints to be made on aluminum vacuum systems. They seal against the outside diameters of standard tubes. Quick-Disconnect fittings are a fast and easy way of connecting tubular vacuum components such as feedthroughs, gauges, and glass tubing to aluminum vacuum systems.