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Atlas' bimetallic bonding technology seamlessly combines metals so that the unique properties of a particular metal may be combined with those of another to enhance the overall performance. Think of our bonding technology as a way to make metal composites that are welded together rather than joined with a resin.

We are happy to work with you to combine metals to get the best net performance from metals that don’t independently have that performance. For example, we make custom bimetallic assemblies that combine the high thermal conductivity and chemical resistance of copper with the high strength of stainless steel so that chemical engineers may make higher temperature reactors.

We are able to bond nearly any metal to any other metal using the explosive bonding or the diffusion bonding methods:

Explosive Bonding

Explosive bonding uses explosives to accelerate a flyer plate upon a fixed plate. As the plates collide at an impact velocity of around 2200 m/s a metal plasma jet is formed which propagates down the length of the impact zone cleaning the interface. While the plates are impacting they dynamically flow,  forming a wavy bond which further enhances the joint. Explosive bonding is a truly cold process where, after bonding, the plates are only warm to the touch.

Diffusion Bonding

The big advantage of our diffusion bonding process is the ability to join net shaped parts. Our process creates very little deformation. In most cases no post process machining operations are required. Intricate features can be joined, such as water or air cooling paths. Multiple layers of bonds can be done at one time by stacking. Diffusion bonding is very versatile.

Atlas specializes in bonding aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and copper. We do, however, have experience in joining many other metals as well. Please contact us to discuss your application.  We would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each method for your application.

We routinely bond and manufacture custom bimetallic assemblies for customers in industries ranging from ultra high vacuum, cryogenic, medical, and nuclear. We supply fully machined custom bonded components that are helium leak tested and suitable for use in cryogenics and ultra high vacuum. Our full capacity machine shop provides fully machined, bonded parts so you do not have to worry about dissimilar metal machining or compensating for unusual residual stresses.

Please contact us to start a conversation about making multi-metal components that do exactly what you want, rather than compromising with just one metal.

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