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Explosion Welding (EXW) Technology

Bimetallic Bonding for Ultrahigh Vacuum Over the past 16 years Atlas Technologies has concentrated in developing methods and processes specifically intended for bonding dissimilar metals for use in Ultrahigh Vacuum (UHV). The details of this process are proprietary, but the following report provides a working understanding of the process. Atlas has received patents on several … Continued

NSLS ll and 1500 Atlas Bimetal Flanges

Exciting news for NSLS-II at BNL and their users! Mr. Dick Hseuh, the Vacuum Group Leader for NSLS ll and responsible party for the design, construction, and overall commissioning of the vacuum systems in the NSLS ll accelerator complex, tells us that they are currently commissioning their Booster with beam and plan to start storage … Continued

Look to Atlas Technologies for Bimetallic Bonding

Adhering to UHV standards in cryogenic applications with stainless steel is a process with which many manufacturers are familiar. Most, however, aren’t experienced or qualified to apply those same standards to cryogenic applications when it comes to bimetal solutions; most often involving aluminum. Since the closing of Bi-Braze, increasing numbers of customers have looked to … Continued

Customer Highlight: Dynavac

Our customers at Dynavac are crucial participants in a compelling project for NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission at the Goddard Space Center. The Solar Terrestrial Probes mission will fly four identically instrumented satellites to investigate how the sun and Earth’s magnetic fields transfer energy from one to the other. This transfer, called Magnetic Reconnection, affects space … Continued

ATCR Fittings Deliver Advanced Functionality

For the most challenging applications in the fields of cryogenics, aerospace, physics, and semiconductors, Atlas ATCR™ fittings produces a robust, demountable use of aluminum tubing. These fittings are fully compatible with Swagelok VCR® and Parker-Hannifin VacuSeal® fittings which makes incorporating Atlas ATCR™ fittings into existing stainless infrastructure uncomplicated. For processes that require high thermal conductivity, … Continued

Welding Aluminum to Vacuum Standards Is an Atlas Technologies Specialty

Aluminum Welding Welding Reference Information for Designers and Welders of Aluminum Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Chambers Aluminum UHV Weld Design Most facilities familiar with Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) have experience welding stainless steel to UHV standards, however many have not had occasion to weld aluminum to UHV standards. We offer this brief guide for designing … Continued

Next Generation Vacuum Systems: Aluminum

Published in Solid State Technologies, May 1998, Page 79 Introduction: Written by: Richard Bothell and Justin Bothell, Atlas Technologies; Glen Tisdale, Judith Offerle, UHV Aluminum Company 300mm wafers with Achieving sub-micron feature sizes on a production basis requires an understanding of the complete processing environment including the vacuum reactor itself. Molecular level chemical contamination will … Continued

Reduce Carbon Deposition: Synchrotron and Semiconductor Lithography Optics

Out gassed carbon from stainless steel can be a serious source of contamination and can damage synchrotron optics as well as deep Ultra Violet (DUV) and Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) optics for semiconductor lithography. We are finding that many of these high profile labs are eliminating any potential carbon from stainless by using aluminum vacuum … Continued

Standard Line of Bimetallic Transition Couplings

Atlas Technologies Introduces Standard Line of Robust Bimetallic Transition Couplings Standard sized aluminum to stainless bimetallic transitions allow aluminum tube or pipe to be welded directly to stainless steel tube or pipe Atlas bimetallic couplings allow for a clean no-flange transition from aluminum to stainless steel tubes or pipe lines. These joints are highly reliable and … Continued

Physics Forum Q&A (an excerpt)

QUESTION: “I recently had some discussions about the use of aluminum in a ultra-high vacuum (UHV) apparatus. There seem to be those who believe Al is good in UHV and those who believe it is bad. I was wondering if anyone has some authoritative source for information on this…” ANSWER: “I’ve researched this topic pretty … Continued

Reduce Contamination with Robust All Metal Seal Flanges

Reduce Contamination with Robust All Metal Seal Flanges: Atlas Technologies introduces it’s UHV Atlas FlangeTM which welds or brazes directly to aluminum process vacuum chambers. The all-metal copper gasketed flange eliminates elastomers which have a high permeation of contaminates. The Atlas FlangeTM has a stainless knife-edge and face, on an aluminum body. Standard round and … Continued

Aluminum’s Extreme Vacuum Performance

Aluminum’s Extreme Vacuum Performance Any single physical or chemical property of aluminum may be enough reason to select aluminum as a vacuum chamber choice over stainless steel. But when looked at in summary, aluminum overwhelmingly surpasses stainless steel as providing the lowest cost of ownership. Aluminum has seven orders of magnitude less hydrogen than stainless … Continued

The ATCR Fitting – a superior gas delivery system

The Atlas ATCR™ Fitting – the aluminum tube fitting with a stainless steel face-seal offers a superior gas delivery system to cryogenic and semiconductor industries Industry leaders are taking advantage of the extensive benefits of aluminum in UHV to improve the performance of their most challenging applications in the fields of cryogenics, aerospace, physics, and semiconductors. … Continued

Advantages of Aluminum over Stainless Steel

Advantages of Aluminum over Stainless Steel in UHV 10x the thermal conductivity and 21x the thermal diffusivity for fast, complete bakeouts and unmatchable thermal performance 7 orders of magnitude less H2 for ultra pure vacuum Less carbon for reduced contamination Outgassing rates of less than 10-13 Torr liter/sec cm2 suitable for extreme high vacuum Non-magnetic … Continued

Carbon Contamination: Just Say, NO!

Out gassed carbon from stainless steel can be a serious source of contamination and can damage soft x-ray optics as well as deep Ultra Violet (DUV) and Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) optics for semiconductor lithography.  The carbon from stainless also reacts with the elemental hydrogen and departs the surface in a variety of hydrocarbons. Additionally, CO … Continued

Better Vacuum News Vol. 2 Issue 1

In this issue, we discuss NSLS 2, Beneq, Atlas Aluminum Emissivac UHV Polish, and neutron windows. Click here to view the pdf version of Better Vacuum News Vol. 2 Issue 1 Source Url: