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The ATCR Fitting – a superior gas delivery system

The Atlas ATCR™ Fitting – the aluminum tube fitting with a stainless steel face-seal offers a superior gas delivery system to cryogenic and semiconductor industries

Industry leaders are taking advantage of the extensive benefits of aluminum in UHV to improve the performance of their most challenging applications in the fields of cryogenics, aerospace, physics, and semiconductors. For processes that require high thermal conductivity, light-weight materials, or chemical resistance aluminum delivers advanced functionality, and at a fraction of the cost.

When comparing aluminum to stainless steel, aluminum is ten times more conductive, one-third the weight , and stands up to a variety of chemicals that trigger destructive corrosion on stainless steel surfaces. Other documented advantages of aluminum over stainless steel include low levels of outgassing, contamination, nuclear activation, and magnetic permeability, along with high vibration dampening.  Additionally, aluminum provides superb machinabilty, space and weight reduction on site, and is lower in cost in terms of machining, shipping, and overall cost of ownership.

Atlas ATCR™ fittings produce a robust, demountable use of aluminum tubing for some of the most demanding applications worldwide. These fittings are fully compatible with Swagelok VCR® and Parker-Hannifin VacuSeal® fittings which makes incorporating Atlas ATCR™ fittings into existing stainless infrastructure uncomplicated.

Standard socket, butt, male and chamber mount weld fitting geometries are available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch tube diameters. Chamber mount fittings are available in four length configurations suitable for 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1-1/4 inch chamber wall thicknesses.

Atlas Socket, Butt and Male weld ATCR™ face-seal fittings are fitted with a durable stainless steel sealing face bonded to to an aluminum body. The bond produced is extremely rugged. All face-seal fittings are helium leak tested for service in UHV environments in excess of 1×10-9 Torr lt/sec He.

Atlas Technologies 360.385.3123

Founded in 1994, Atlas Technologies has developed many of the products which have led to the aluminum ultrahigh vacuum revolution. The company prides itself on developing new products that better serve their customers, often designing and manufacturing projects to solve some of the most difficult UHV challenges. Their bimetallic technology aids the company in improving functionality and helps their customers think about projects beyond stainless steel. From nuclear medical applications to semiconductor OEMs, Atlas Technologies applies innovation to crucial processes and delivers superior results that advance industry standards.

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