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Customer Highlight: Dynavac

Our customers at Dynavac are crucial participants in a compelling project for NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission at the Goddard Space Center.

The Solar Terrestrial Probes mission will fly four identically instrumented satellites to investigate how the sun and Earth’s magnetic fields transfer energy from one to the other. This transfer, called Magnetic Reconnection, affects space weather and by studying it, scientists at NASA will observe how this process affects systems like communications networks, GPS navigation, and power grids back on Earth.

Dynavac, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of thermal vacuum systems, is supplying the project with aluminum cryopanel assemblies that allow for thermal isolation of the satellites while they go through space simulation exercises in the lab prior to their journey in space.   Each assembly is comprised of multiple

panels that are joined together to form a thermally controlled and uniform test area.  Aluminum extrusion is welded to each of the panels in a serpentine pattern which ultimately connects to stainless steel lines that delivers the liquids and gases to the assembly.

Dynavac is using Atlas ATCR fittings to provide a compatible, demountable transition from the aluminum lines to their stainless steel counterparts. Since 2008 Atlas has supplied Dynavac with many hundreds of ATCR fittings for the manufacture of their equipment.