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Standard Line of Bimetallic Transition Couplings

Atlas Technologies Introduces Standard Line of Robust Bimetallic Transition Couplings Standard sized aluminum to stainless bimetallic transitions allow aluminum tube or pipe to be welded directly to stainless steel tube or pipe Atlas bimetallic couplings allow for a clean no-flange transition from aluminum to stainless steel tubes or pipe lines. These joints are highly reliable and … Continued

Atlas President on the Cover of SVC Exhibit Guide

Our own Atlas Technologies president, Richard Bothell, is pictured on the front cover of the SVC TechCon 2013 Rhode Island Exhibit Guide. Wearing red and leafing through our vacuum components catalog, that’s him in the glasses… You won’t see him at this year’s SVC TechCon but look for Jed Bothell, our vice-president, and ask him … Continued

Better Vacuum Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 1

In this newsletter you’ll find information about titanium sublimation pumps, reducing carbon contamination, solutions, customer highlights, and more. Atlas Technologies – Better Vacuum Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 1

Physics Forum Q&A (an excerpt)

QUESTION: “I recently had some discussions about the use of aluminum in a ultra-high vacuum (UHV) apparatus. There seem to be those who believe Al is good in UHV and those who believe it is bad. I was wondering if anyone has some authoritative source for information on this…” ANSWER: “I’ve researched this topic pretty … Continued

Reduce Contamination with Robust All Metal Seal Flanges

Reduce Contamination with Robust All Metal Seal Flanges: Atlas Technologies introduces it’s UHV Atlas FlangeTM which welds or brazes directly to aluminum process vacuum chambers. The all-metal copper gasketed flange eliminates elastomers which have a high permeation of contaminates. The Atlas FlangeTM has a stainless knife-edge and face, on an aluminum body. Standard round and … Continued

Come see us at the AVS – it’s FREE and informative

Join Atlas Technologies at the Annual Equipment Exhibition sponsored by the Northern California Chapter the American Vacuum Society in sunny San Jose, CA. AVS: February 21st from 12-6 pm Come by Booth #47 to see us and learn how our bimetallic technology solves some of your most difficult challenges and helps you think about your project with more options than just … Continued

Aluminum’s Extreme Vacuum Performance

Aluminum’s Extreme Vacuum Performance Any single physical or chemical property of aluminum may be enough reason to select aluminum as a vacuum chamber choice over stainless steel. But when looked at in summary, aluminum overwhelmingly surpasses stainless steel as providing the lowest cost of ownership. Aluminum has seven orders of magnitude less hydrogen than stainless … Continued

The ATCR Fitting – a superior gas delivery system

The Atlas ATCR™ Fitting – the aluminum tube fitting with a stainless steel face-seal offers a superior gas delivery system to cryogenic and semiconductor industries Industry leaders are taking advantage of the extensive benefits of aluminum in UHV to improve the performance of their most challenging applications in the fields of cryogenics, aerospace, physics, and semiconductors. … Continued

Titanium Sublimation Pumps

Atlas aluminum “TSP”s outperform their stainless steel counterparts due, in part, to the material’s very low hydrogen permeation—seven orders of magnitude less than stainless steel. Atlas creates a high surface vacuum environment for condensation of the Ti pumping film without producing hydrogen. Stainless steel, on the other hand, desorbs hydrogen. A 42” wire seal chamber … Continued

Better Vacuum News Vol. 1 Issue 2

In this edition of Better Vacuum News you’ll find information about loadlock and optics chambers, why titanium is the best choice for XHV, the successes of some of our customers, and new products Atlas Technologies – Better Vacuum Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 2 Source Url:

Advantages of Aluminum over Stainless Steel

Advantages of Aluminum over Stainless Steel in UHV 10x the thermal conductivity and 21x the thermal diffusivity for fast, complete bakeouts and unmatchable thermal performance 7 orders of magnitude less H2 for ultra pure vacuum Less carbon for reduced contamination Outgassing rates of less than 10-13 Torr liter/sec cm2 suitable for extreme high vacuum Non-magnetic … Continued

Carbon Contamination: Just Say, NO!

Out gassed carbon from stainless steel can be a serious source of contamination and can damage soft x-ray optics as well as deep Ultra Violet (DUV) and Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) optics for semiconductor lithography.  The carbon from stainless also reacts with the elemental hydrogen and departs the surface in a variety of hydrocarbons. Additionally, CO … Continued

Better Vacuum News Vol. 2 Issue 1

In this issue, we discuss NSLS 2, Beneq, Atlas Aluminum Emissivac UHV Polish, and neutron windows. Click here to view the pdf version of Better Vacuum News Vol. 2 Issue 1 Source Url:

Problem – Solution at Fermilab

Our customers at Fermilab needed a series of vacuum chambers that would enable the introduction of electrons to the antiproton beam and the extraction of the electrons from the beam after cooling. In electron cooling, beams of electrons and antiprotons circulate together at the same speed. The “colder” electrons interact with the “hotter” antiprotons and … Continued

John Skaritka Likes Atlas

“Atlas Technologies is one little diamond in a vast wasteland of good intentions,. Their bimetal and aluminum products and problems solving is a very unique skill set that is so valuable. Atlas Technologies is the only company in the country, and possibly the world, that really knows aluminum and they have the ability within bimetal … Continued