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Why Titanium

Like aluminum, titanium offers advantages that Atlas utilizes to manufacture the most effective solutions possible for your application:
• Once activated, behaves as a getter to absorb hydrogen
• Low thermal conductivity
• No hydrogen for ultra pure vacuum
• No carbon for greatly reduced contamination
• Low thermal expansion
• Non magnetic for applications that require it
• Corrosion resistance
• The option to be anodized for electrical or chemical resistance
• 45% lighter than steel
• Particularly useful in aerospace structures and other high-performance applications
• Yield tensile strength of 40—160 KSI
• Superior XHV capabilities
Atlas offers a full range of titanium CF flanges, face seal fittings (ATCR-Ti), titanium foil windows, custom vacuum chambers, and vacuum pumps.
Products are compatible with all standard stainless steel vacuum equipment.