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We are, at heart, intellectually curious and adventurous. We ask “Why?” or “How about this?” This curiosity is an integral part of our philosophy. These traits allow us to provide exceptional customer service and to develop products that best meet your needs. Tell us what you would like to achieve, and we will work with you to make it a reality.

We have decided to make an aluminum lid for the chamber you fabricated for us last winter, as well as a lid for one of our smaller chambers. We are very pleased with the quality of your chamber and would like to improve the vacuum for this entire system.

— Justin Griffith - Sr. Professional Research Asst., University of Colorado, Physics

The cube with Ti windows is already connected to the beam line at CERN-ISOLDE facility and on Wednesday it will the first radioactive-ion beam. The foils are performing very well, they seem to be perfectly light tight, we do not see any noise due to optical photons in the windowless Si(Li) detector that is located in the vacuum chamber.

— Martin Venhart, CERN

When I heard this morning, my immediate reaction was: Damn those Atlas things are good! We're off scale in the chamber with your multiple TSP's. Might be able to say that we're in 13 scale vacuum......very nice! You guys should go market the hell out of these... Congrats!

— Mike Ackeret, Transfer Engineering

The tailpiece with Atlas Al window worked very well. It held vacuum and performed as we had hoped. We were able to get some very good low noise scattering data in just a few minutes using the high intensity of the NOMAD beam line. We're just now analyzing the data.

— Dr. Kenneth F. Kelton - Director of the Institute for Materials Science & Engineering & Arthur Holly Compton - Professor in Arts & Sciences Professor of Physics, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Department of Physics, Institute for Materials Science & Engineering

We have been working with Atlas for many years using their Atlas CF flanges and explosion bonding capability for assemblies such as beryllium windows. In 2005 we had a need for a dipole magnet vacuum chamber. Atlas competed with vacuum equipment manufacturers worldwide and won the bid, beating out stainless steel vendors in Europe and Russia by a large margin. This is a large chamber ~2.9 m long with two 50 mrad acceptance aperture IR beamlines tangential to the synchrotron electron beam orbit. All flanges including e-beam orbit, synchrotron radiation ports and pumping ports were fabricated from Atlas CF flanges. In addition to the demanding geometrical constraints of the dipole magnet the chamber was required to absorb all excess synchrotron radiation not entering the beamlines and resist any deformation due to forces incurred under vacuum. Atlas presented a preliminary design for approval before fabrication and conducted a complete FEA analysis of the chamber studying both the thermal loading and the vacuum deflection. Atlas fabricated the chamber in two halves with each half having a water cooling surface machined into the chamber. The two halves were welded together and final machining brought the chamber overall thickness tolerance and chamber radius of curvature tolerance to less than 1mm. The chamber is presently installed in the CAMD synchrotron in bending magnet 2 and attains a base pressure less than 5 x10-10 Torr without bakeout.

— Kevin Morris, Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices

The spectrometer was installed on an instrument in February, and the spectrometer was commissioned in March and it was very successful! The resolution was great, Bill was very pleased with it! Thank you again to you and Jed for doing a great job with the spectrometer, it was very appreciated!

— Michael Holmes & Bill Schlotter, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

During my tenure at Ovonic ECD (United Solar) I was very pleased with the service and quality we received from Atlas Technologies. Before working with Atlas all of our thin film photovoltaic production line was manufactured out of stainless steel. Atlas assisted us in converting the drive and transition chambers to aluminum; this created a substantial (50 to 60%) cost savings. By using the standard weld-on bimetallic Atlas AT- CF flanges we were able to eliminate O-rings and reduce contamination. The quality of the chambers and equipment we have received from them has been exceptional. Furthermore when we commission their chambers it has become worry-free for our installation crews. We maintain a very aggressive production schedule and they have always been accurate, up-front and on time with their delivery commitments. They also price themselves aggressively. I strongly recommend Atlas Technologies for future work.

— George Uzoni - Formerly, Design Supervisor, Energy Conversion Devices

This addition (Atlas manufactured aluminum Loadlock Chamber) will significantly improve our processing time…

The Atlas chamber was delivered on time and is of very high quality workmanship, and is performing flawlessly.

— Dr. Craig Outten - Research Development Scientist, Denton

The part came into today!  I cannot believe that you guys were able to turn around a custom part that quick.  It looks perfect!  Thank you so much for helping me work through this part and getting an awesome end result.  Two thumbs way up!

You guys went above and beyond what was expected.  Thanks again.

— James M. Somers - Mechanical Engineer, ATK Military Systems

Atlas was terrific to work with on our recent order of vacuum chambers. Communication from the production supervisor was proactive and ongoing throughout fabrication, the quality of work was outstanding, and delivery time was faster than expected.  Couldn't be more satisfied!

— Derek Yegian - Engineer, EUV Tech

All the chambers have performed very well, met our specifications, and they were beautiful!

— Sergei Nagaitsev - Deputy Director, Fermilab

Atlas Technologies is one little diamond in a vast wasteland of good intentions, their bimetal and aluminum products and problems solving, is a very unique skill set that is so...valuable.

— John Skaritka - Mechanical Engineer, Brookhaven National Labs

Atlas Technologies has a very unique skill-set that is very special, they are the only ones in the country (the world)  who really know aluminum and they have the ability with in bimetal that enables them to solve so many UHV & XHV problems and do so much.  They are also very good to work with., really great people!

— John Skaritka - Mechanical Engineer, Brookhaven National Labs