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Atlas Technologies is pleased to offer copper vacuum chambers and components for unique and challenging UHV vacuum applications.

Oxygen-free copper alloys can be easily machined and have high corrosion resistance. With their exceptional thermal conductivity, copper chambers can be water-cooled for use in high-temperature applications.

Copper chambers are non-magnetic and are often used in RF applications. Copper has excellent electrical characteristics and can handle high heat loads when sufficiently cooled, making it a great choice for accelerators.

With its good formability, copper can be machined, extruded, brazed, welded, or soldered.

Copper vacuum chamber production techniques, chamber configurations, or combinations thereof, employed by Atlas include:

Plate to Plate Chambers
Ideal for large copper chamber applications

Cylindrical Chambers
Allows for minimum wall thickness because of the inherent strength offered by tubular geometry

Extruded Chambers
Ideal for producing long, narrow and convoluted internal chamber geometries

Spherical Chambers
Offers minimum internal surface area

Monoquoque Chambers
Allows for internal and/or external machining of intricate and precise chamber features

Atlas manufactures Bimetallic Copper/Stainless CF Flanges which have a stainless steel sealing face on a copper body. The stainless face matches the coefficient of thermal expansion of other stainless flanges, while the copper body allows for welding to a copper chamber. For completely non-magnetic applications, copper-to-copper vacuum seals can be made with specialty flanges or hardened copper alloys.

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