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Our Titanium Sublimation Pump (TSP) shrouds deliver very low hydrogen permeation, a high surface vacuum environment for condensation, and quick pump-down times, making them ideal for UHV, XHV, and UHP applications.

Atlas aluminum TSPs outperform their stainless steel counterparts due in part to the material’s very low hydrogen permeation (seven orders of magnitude less than stainless steel).

Atlas TSP shrouds are compatible with a range of industry-standard TSP filaments and controllers.

Contact an Atlas salesperson today for additional information, pricing, and availability.

Superior Performance

Atlas TSP Shrouds outperform their stainless steel counterparts with superior UHV and XHV performance. Our TSPs:

  • Offer very high pumping speeds.
  • Do not permeate hydrogen.
  • Provide very large surface areas that enable longer times between firings.
  • Are low cost per CFM (LPS).

Superior Pumping

  • Atlas TSP Shrouds maximize internal surface area for outstanding pumping speeds and heat dissipation while requiring no external water cooling during the operation.
  • Atlas TSPs are designed with line-of-sight shielding to prevent titanium particles from leaving the pump.
  • Used for UHV, XHV, and UHP.

Test Gas Maximum speed¹
Maximum capacity
of  film—x 10
H₂ 2.6
8-230 ͨ
H₂O 7.3

CO 8.2
N₂ 3.5
O₂ 8.7
CO₂ 4.7

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Size A B C D E F G Part Number Actions
8" 7.97" 9.72" 5.75" 16.65" 13" 2.01" 3" TSP-0800
6" 5.97" 9.72" 3.75" 16.65" 13" 2.01" 3" TSP-0600
10" 9.97" 9.72" 7.75" 16.65" 13" 2.01" 3" TSP-1000
Size A B C D E F G Part Number Actions
6.50" 6.50" 3.09" 2.90" TSP-0650

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