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Emissivac Polished Surface

Atlas has recently developed processes to produce highly polished aluminum surfaces that are UHV and extreme high vacuum (XHV) compatible. Our highly polished aluminum Grade 3 finishes have an RMS level <8 micro inches, this approaches a mirror like finish on the interior walls of the vacuum chamber. Typically aluminum is polished with compounds that are not compatible because of the high out gassing rates, which can spoil vacuum and be a source of contamination. Alternatively aluminum can also be electro polished however electro polished aluminum surfaces do not have the shine that our polished grade 3 finishes have. Reduce the Transfer of heat: These polished surfaces have a considerably lower thermal emissivity than unpolished aluminum surfaces and polished stainless steel surfaces. Our polished surfaces are used in conjunction with vacuum to insulate the cold portions of cryostats and Dewars; they are also used to minimize the heat loss from objects in vacuum.