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Atlas Quality Assurance

Atlas Technologies features comprehensive quality control systems throughout the production process.

·         Serial Numbered Traceable Control Throughout

The entire manufacturing process, from materials purchasing to finished goods, is serial numbered, traceable, and controlled. In addition, Atlas destructively tests each bi-metallic part three times and does extensive helium leak checks to certify all qualifying parts and assemblies. This process assures you that Atlas components and assemblies will meet your needs without failure.

·         Plate Handling Process

Prior to bonding, each plate is given a Plate Serial Number that is referenced to Materials Certifications for all materials used in that particular bonded plate. After bonding each serial numbered plate is ultrasonically mapped (according to ASTM A578/a578M-96) identifying all non-bond areas. The map and plate number is recorded.

·         Part Discs Control

The mapped plate is then plotted into discs for each flange size. The plate is then abrasively water cut with each disc remaining in its cut-out hole location on the plate. Then each disc is given a Disc Serial Number as it remains in the plate.

·         Cryogenic Shock Destructive Test

Each Disc is immersed in liquid nitrogen and then immersed in hot water. Any failures are recorded by serial number.

·         Disc Rough Machining & Cryogenic Shock

The Outside Diameter (OD) and the Inside Diameter (ID) of each serial numbered part is rough machined and again cryo-shocked. The bond interface is then tested using dye penetrant testing (AMS 2644, ASTM E165, ASTM E 1417, NAVSEA 250-1500-1, ASME). Failures are recorded and destroyed.

·         Finished Flange Components & Cryogenic Shock

The serial numbered part is finish machined and tested to meet its dimensional specification. The part is then cryo-shocked a third time and dye penetrant tested and dimensionally tested.  Failures are recorded and then discarded.

·         Disc Pre-Cleaning

Serial numbered parts are washed in a citric detergent, removing machining coolants and debris.

·         Helium Leak Test Qualification

Each serial numbered part is individually helium tested using a Pfieffer Vacuum Quality Dry Helium leak detector to meet Atlas Standard >1 x 10-9 cc he /sec. Again failures are recorded and discarded.

·         Disc & Component Marking

Each part that passes these stringent standards is electro-chemically etched with its serial number traceable throughout this manufacturing process to the original materials purchased. The finished part number is recorded to a master list of Atlas Vacuum Qualified components and assemblies.

·         Final Cleaning and Packaging

Each qualified part is cleaned according to Atlas 005-006 AL/SS Cryo-Component UHV cleaning procedure. Each part is bagged in an electrostatic shield bag and is heat sealed and marked with its part number.

Atlas Manufacturing Capabilities

With a strong CNC infrastructure and state of the art engineering and CAD technology, Atlas Technologies’ manufacturing capabilities are unrivaled in the industry.

Featuring large format milling, horizontal and vertical platforms and the latest in welding and explosive material bonding, we are uniquely equipped for virtually any application.

Cleanroom Assembly

At Atlas, our list of capabilities includes a spacious, state of the art cleanroom for assembly and testing of precision components. This facility allows our engineers to perform vital functions in a controlled atmospheric environment ensuring the highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

With endless industrial applications our facility provides countless benefits for science, academia, and medical research.