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Water Cooled Beryllium Windows are an Atlas Specialty.

Because of unique quality of a metal sandwich SS/CU/SS with copper in the middle of the sandwich a beryllium foil is brazed to the copper and water cooling is directed near the window for cooling. The stainless sides of the sandwich are welded to standard CF-Flanges. Ridicules are located on the flanges for laser alignment.

Beryllium Windows are specified by Synchrotron Ring and Beam Line Scientists and Engineers.

There are many parameters that lead to a specification.

A typical Beryllium window specification defines:

  1. The window clear aperture (H x V) (50mm x 16mm,minimum)
  2. Window thickness
  3. Number apertures
  4. Thickness (example: PF-60 brand 0.20mm +/- 10%)
  5. Surface Finish (better than 2μm)
  6. Beryllium purity (>99%)
  7. Protective Coating: The protective coating on air side of the Be foil made of Boron Nitride / BR-127 primer or equivalent. The protective coating will transmit 95% of photon energies greater than 4 keV.
  8. Vacuum compatibility UHV compatible and able to sustain pressure difference 1 bar, Leak Rate: less than 10-9 mbar lit/sec He

Cooling Provide: The Be window is brazed to a copper block.

The block is water cooled so that the Be window can sustain the thermal load from a synchrotron radiation passing through the window (total power = 90 W, max density = 0.40 W/mm2 , Water in-out Swagelok fitting mounted to copper block. Cooling tube U-shaped return line.

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