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Foil Window Flange

Low cost and replaceable window metals made into a thin foil can be gripped by the Foil Window Flange (FWF). The pressure differential to each side of the foil allows the FWF to grip the foil into a drum-like tensioned head made of thin foil trapped between the FWF and a CF flange and copper gasket. When connected to a vacuum conduit the FWF isolates two vacuum regimes.

Neutron Window

Atlas Neutron Windows are an integrated Atlas CF flange with 316L sealing surface with an aluminum window—all in one flange body with no welding or connections. Dual neutron windows can offer an internal cavity that can be differential pumped or filled with a gas and analyzed through an array of optical ports mounted around the rim of the flange.

ISO Pyrex Window

Atlas Pyrex glass viewports are mounted on aluminum hardware and designed for welding directly into high vacuum aluminum chamber walls. Our viewports are lightweight and an economical alternative to comparable stainless steel solutions.

Polycarbonate Window

When observation is required in vacuum and high vacuum applications, Atlas offers a line of customizable acrylic viewports that are adaptable for a variety of uses. These cost effective portals are perfect for industrial and scientific environments and Atlas production technology makes fitting these viewports a straightforward process.

Beryllium Window

Because of the unique quality of a metal “sandwich” of SS/CU/SS, a beryllium foil is brazed to the copper and water cooling is directed near the window for cooling. The stainless sides of the sandwich are welded to standard CF-Flanges. Ridicules are located on the flanges for laser alignment.

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