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Atlas Bimetal Al/SS CF Flange

The Atlas CF™ Flange combines the time-tested reliability of the stainless steel ConFlat® (CF) knife edge, with an aluminum flange body for all-metal-sealing and weld up to an aluminum chamber and allows vacuum engineers and designers to fully utilize the exceptional high and ultra high vacuum properties of aluminum.

Atlas Bimetal Ti/Al CF Flange

The Atlas CFTA™ aluminum flange body bonded to titanium uses the time-tested reliability of the ConFlat® knife-edge seal to deliver a non-magnetic, low Z, low nuclear activation, and lightweight flange enable the use of aluminum UHV systems use in sensitive environment like cyclotrons and nuclear reactors.

Atlas Bimetal Ti/SS CF Flange

The Ti/SS Bimetal CF Flange offers metal sealing for titanium vacuum chambers which typically present a particular challenge in Extreme High Vacuum (XHV). When an XHV chamber connects to standard vacuum components, gate valves, or vacuum pumps these components have stainless connecting flanges.

Please contact Atlas Technologies directly for more information on this product.

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