Titanium Chambers - Titan

Atlas Technologies is the world leader in titanium vacuum chamber engineering and manufacturing. With over 30 years experience in cutting-edge vacuum product design, we pride ourselves in providing the world's finest and most advanced UHV titanium chamber technology. Atlas' titanium vacuum chamber production techniques (Chamber Configurations) can be broken down into five basic categories:

  • Titan Plate-to-Plate  Titanium technique is ideal for large titanium chamber applications

  • Titan Cylindrical titanium fabrication technique allows for minimum wall thickness because of the inherent strength offered by tubular geometry

  • Titan Formed Chambers

  • Titan Monocoque vacuum chamber fabrication technique allows for internal and/or external machining of intricate and precise chamber features

  • Titan Extruded vacuum chamber fabrication technique is ideal for producing long, narrow and convoluted internal chamber geometries

  • Titan Spherical vacuum chamber fabrication technique offers minimum internal surface area.

    We build custom titanium vacuum chambers employing these configurations, or combinations thereof. We also manufacture and supply a wide range of titanium vacuum components and accessory hardware to complement our titanium vacuum chamber products. Components include bimetallic Titan CF™ flanges, Titan Wire Seal flanges, and  Foil Window flanges. Contact our sales department for more information on these and other Atlas products.