When it comes to demanding high and ultrahigh vacuum applications requiring standard or custom products made from aluminum and bimetallic explosion welded materials, Atlas Technologies is an almost limitles source of solutions.

  • Flexible manufacturing platforms
  • State of the art production planning
  • Skilled professional production team
  • Vast experience with manufacturing and scientific applications

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Atlas Custom HV and UHV Solutions

Custom HV and UHV Solutions

Reduced Stainless Steel CF Flanges
For maximum weight reduction and minimum neutron activation, Atlas CF Flanges are also available with reduced stainless steel content. Depending on size, reduced stainless flanges are produced with a stainless steel interface that's about 20% to 40% thinner than standard flanges.

Custom Flange Solutions
Using Atlas’ proprietary explosive welding process (EXW), many customized UHV bimetallic flange solutions are possible... including specialized bores, rectangular knife-edge, bimetal titanium and many more.

Rectangular Bore CF Flanges
Whether you need conventional (circular) CF flanges with custom apertures or unique rectangular or oval knife-edge geometry, Atlas can handle all of your custom CF flange requirements.

Exotic Material CF Flanges
Atlas Technologies has extensive experience in the design and fabrication of EXW flanges made from exotic material combinations for use in specialized environments and applications such as cryogenic, non-magnetic, etc. Materials include 316LN, Titanium, Copper...