EXW Explosion Welding Technology

Atlas CF™ Flange

  • Aluminum vacuum chambers
  • Copper beam tubes

Atlas ATCR™ Fittings

  • Heated aluminum gas lines
  • MOCV applications

Water Cooled Flanges

  • Cryo-pump protection
  • Beryllium windows
  • Cooled viewports

Wafer Heater Plates

  • Copper/Stainless discs

Beam Stops & Absorbers

  • Molybdenum/Copper
  • Tungsten/Copper
  • GlidCop/Copper
  • GlidCop/Stainless
  • Aluminum/Copper

Superconducting Flanges & Fittings

  • Niobium/Titanium

Cryogenic Fittings

  • Stainless/Titanium
  • Invar/Stainless

Bonding Architectures

  • Plate-to-plate bonding has been discussed at right. Tube-to-tube coaxial bonding technology has also been developed.

For further questions on the subject of explosive bonding there are many excellent reviews describing the process...

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Explosion Welding Technology EXW

Standard Tube and Pipe Bimetallic Transition Couplings

Aluminum to Stainless Steel (AL/SS) used in Cryogenics, Ultra High Vacuum (UHV), and Ultra High Purity (UHP)

Atlas bimetallic transition couplings are metallurgical bonded dissimilar metal joints. The are used to provide an all welded transition from one metal to another. They are available in standard tube and pipe sized for welding dissimilar metal tubes or pipes. They are engineered for cryogenic service -196 degrees C (-320 degrees F) and are also used at liquid helium temperatures. Our cryogenic transition joints have been used in the scientific. medical. oil and gas, chemical, nuclear and semiconductor industries for over 18 years.

Atlas tube and pipe transitions are available for all standard diameters, wall thicknesses and schedules in sizes ranging from 3/8" diameter to 40" diameter (DN10 to DN750).

Custom transition material combinations such as titanium-aluminum are also produced. All joints are vacuum tested to 1x10-9Torr lt. (He)/sec. Pressure tested (certified) low, medium, and high pressure testing (<300, <600, and< 1200 psi,respectively) is available.

Atlas aluminum elbow, tee and cross weld fittings are fully compatible with the Atlas ATCR face-seal fittings.

Finished bimetallic components are our specialty.  Joining dissimilar metals is expensive and risky. Explosive bonding is a batch process that requires multiple stages.