Atlas has pioneered aluminum UHV and XHV solutions for the Particle Physics research community.

Atlas Technologies
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Atlas Technologies Sales Manager Position
Atlas is a key provider of UHV Aluminum and bimetallic solutions to Particle Physics researchers around the world.

Atlas Aluminum and Bimetallic Particle Physics Solutions

"We worked with Atlas Technologies to build a series of X and Y-shaped aluminum bending magnet vacuum chambers for an electron cooling system, which cools relativistic antiprotons at Fermilab. These UHV chambers enable the introduction of electrons to the antiproton beam and the extraction of the electrons from the beam after cooling. In electron cooling, beams of electrons and antiprotons circulate together at the same speed. The "colder" electrons interact with the "hotter" antiprotons and cool the beam of antiprotons in the same way that hot gas is cooled when it is mixed with cold gas. Fermilab was the first lab to demonstrate e-cooling at high energies, operating the electron beam at 4.3 MeV. Atlas made the chambers in two halves machined from thick plates of aluminum. Then they welded them together and attached Atlas CF flanges to the legs. All the chambers have performed very well, met our specifications and they were beautiful!"

Sergei Nagaitsev
Deputy Director
Fermilab ILC Program